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What do I need for Camp Image Quilt?


Sneakers, Slippers, Socks, Bare feet:  For dance classes.  Use appropriate footwear for your environment. 


Bottle of Water:  Use in between classes to get hydrated.


Snacks.  Healthy snacks.  We will sometimes meet for breakfast or lunch too!


Camera for Photography class this is essential.  An instant camera, digital camera, camera phone, or tablet is ok.


Computer or Phone with Internet connection is preferable.  If you have a telephone, you can also access the audio fto experience our classes.


Flash light, mosquito repellent, sleeping bag.  some of our virtual experiences involve being outdoors where these supplies are essential.


Energy.  Fun. Excitement.  Every class has it's moment where energy is needed, fun happens, and excitement is contagious.  Get ready and bring it on!

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